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Young Welders Compete to Win the Weldcup 2015

On 21 October, the Weldcup 2015 competition will take place in Cambridge, England.

Supported by The Welding Institute, EWF the European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting, Lincoln Electric UK and Air Product, this contest brings together young welders from six European countries (along with one invited team from China), with a view to find the best young welders in Europe.

The format is as follows: each of the seven teams will have a designated time to produce a standard test object, using a combination of MMA, MAG, TIG and FCAW techniques. The teams will then be judged on their welding skills used to create the finished product but their plan-reading, fitting and instruction-following abilities.

A by-product of this competition is the opportunity for each contestent to exchange best practices and compare their welding skills of their peers across Europe.

The European Welding Competition objectives are to:

  • Provide a positive sign for the motivation and change of direction of young people towards their occupations in welding technology.
  • Make a contribution to demonstrating welding technology as a fundamental international technology of social life due to the participation of young people.
  • Make a contribution to the promotion of the opportunities that exist for a welding career to younger generations.

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