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Welding in Motorsport

We are sure you’re aware but perhaps not the extent of which…that welding is still majorly used in motorsport today.

Whether it’s rally, Formula E, motorcycle, Formula 1, NASCAR or karting, welding plays a huge part in customising race cars – from welding of special gears to cylinder blocks, suspension arm strenghtening rubs to aluminium alloys.

It’s not just team mechanics who are meticulously working on race cars either, specialise welding companies are drafted in to help create new additionals as well as to overcome problems. Such as a well-known rally team who had manufactured hubs for their car but the designers changed a diameter. This threw off the whole mechanics; a welding company resolved this problem by adding a layer of titanium all around the internal diameter for the hubs to be reattached to the new dimension with no loss of strength or distortion.

This use of a traditional art for cutting edge of technology is incredible. Race teams are working to seconds and even miliseconds; hoping to shave off time to better their oponents. Motorsport is, after all, worth a whopping £9 billion in the UK alone {2014}. Imagine the stats worldwide! In addition, 4,500 companies are involved in the UK motorsport – a pretty lucrative industry to be involved in!

So, whilst universities are now running courses on motorsport technology, we are certainly pleased to see that traditional welding remains to be at the forefront of this amazing industry, enjoyed by millions across the globe!