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WeldGalaxy: A digital & dynamic knowledge platform for welding industries

WeldGalaxy, an international and collaborative initiative to create a digital B2B online platform that connects global buyers with the EU sellers of welding equipment and consumables, officially kicked-off on 4th October 2018. The consortium, led by TWI Ltd as the coordinator, comprises 11 members including SMEs and research organisations across Europe.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation action Lump Sum programme.

Welding is a classical industrial domain with extensive involvement in manufacturing — making significant economic contribution to national economies. A dynamic knowledge management platform with an innovative evolving database integrated with smart function analytics and AI, can significantly benefit the manufacturing technology. “Our goal is to create a highly visible and transparent digital B2B online platform that connects end-users with equipment and consumables manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and technology and service providers”, says Geoff Melton, of TWI LTD, who is the coordinator of the project. As a key participant, TWI will provide its legacy data on welding for the WeldGalaxy database (WGDB) development, population and data modelling.

The WeldGalaxy platform will underpin progress in endeavours to enhance the visibility of EU’s welding products, prototypes and services to global users via digital marketing strategies, provide innovative web-based services to boost EU market share and competitiveness, and enable plug and produce digital manufacturing of the right equipment to specified customers/end-users requirements and regulatory compliance.

Developing and demonstrating a digital platform for welding domain

WeldGalaxy aims to bring together EU suppliers of welding equipment/consumables and global end-users of welding equipment by providing a secure, trustworthy and transparent platform for collaborations. Its Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE) tool, will facilitate digital testing of the equipment and compliance to standards, guiding equipment selection — supporting digital plug and produce. The project will also facilitate support 3rd party projects through open-innovation competitions.

“Weldgalaxy brings together a number of digital technologies, such as dynamic knowledge management, block chain, knowledge based engineering and chatbots” says Geoff. “These need to be integrated and configured to provide a platform that meets the needs of the welding industry”.

About WeldGalaxy

WeldGalaxy partners include TWI (UK), FundingBox Accelerator (Poland), Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Sweden), Ekon Modeling Software Systems Ltd (Israel), Romsoft SRL (Romania), Flowphys AS (Norway), Technovative Solutions Ltd (UK), Arteevo Technologies Ltd (Israel), Aeonx AI (France), University of Leicester (UK), University Politechnca de Madrid (Spain).


This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation action Lump Sum program, Grant agreement number 822106.