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US Soldier Welding Programme

At Central Louisiana Technical Community College ‘Lamar Salter’, a new initiative has been celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The Craft Development Programme {hosted by Cheniere Energy Inc} will help prepare Fort Polk soldiers transition into a civilian career of specialised welding and will include classrooms and labatories, as well as two mobile welding trailers – providing the soldiers with the equipment they require to learn welding skills and techniques.

Soldiers will take classes for 16 weeks and will receive college credit for their work and time. They will then be able to move on to more advanced welding training – and perhaps even gain the opportunity to work on a Cheniere project in Louisiana or Texas.

At Mersey Equipment, we love the idea of retraining soldiers in order to help them in their civilian careers. We are aware that in the REME of the UK’s army, soldiers can gain qualifications which contain transferable skills for civilian employment including how to become a welding expert and learning to use hand and power tools, however, we could highly approve of a programme or initiative teaching soldiers welding skills upon their leaving the army and transitioning into a civilian career. What do you think?