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TSTC welding program leads to jobs throughout the world

Welders are always in high demand.

With 130 students in the Texas State Technical College welding program in Harlingen, instructor Manuel Ahumada knows his students will be able to get a job.

“The Port of Brownsville, as well as SpaceX, is expanding and growing. The need for welders will continue, and we do not foresee a drop in this career,” he said.

Companies, like SpaceX, visit the campus to talk with students.

“Our efforts are to invite these companies to talk to the students about their availability and their requirements,” Ahumada said. “This is a great time for our students to ask questions and be better informed.”

Company officials tour the TSTC facility and watch students in the lab working on projects and various machines.

“We currently have one of the most extensive automation programs in the state of Texas,” Ahumada said. “This overview from companies opens the door for other areas not currently presented, as well as advertising our program as being the most advanced in this great state.”

Program graduates of various skill levels are offered jobs, according to Ahumada.

“There are many jobs in the industry for all skill levels. The students will need to put in some effort in applying, and possibly relocating,” he said.

Ahumada said the best way to attract high school students is by informing them of the opportunities.

“Students need to know that the welding field is very large. There are many jobs that relate to welding that they can obtain with having an associate degree in Welding Technology,” Ahumada said. “Becoming a welding instructor is one such job. They can become welding engineers, welding inspectors, welding technicians and much more.”

Traveling is also a possibility.

“Welding is also a career that can take the student to different locations, for those who enjoy traveling. This is not limited to the United States, but traveling the entire world,” he said.