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The rise of influencer marketing in the welding industry

COVID-19 has changed the way most organisations do business, especially in marketing. Organisations have been forced to rethink, reskill and upskill their staff to meet the increasing demands of the current economic climate.

Client Outreach

Marketing during such uncertain times has been a challenge for most companies because of the revenue losses that most have experienced due to the rapid spread of the pandemic and the global shutdown that followed. Employers have had to become creative with how they reach their audiences and engage clients in innovative ways.

The CWB Group has been no different. Throughout the pandemic, the organisation has worked to respond to the needs of clients and mitigate the losses many have suffered by introducing initiatives across all its service lines.

A pivotal change to the CWB Association line has been the membership model. As of summer 2020, membership to the association is entirely free of charge. Members have access to the quarterly publication, discounts and a full suite of benefits through the CWB Association members portal. In response to industry demands, the organisation felt it essential to increase our online presence for ease of access and flexibility.

CWB Association’s mandate is to promote and support the welding industry in Canada, and by offering benefits free of charge, the CWBA is able to enrich the Canadian welding trade by showcasing it as a viable trade.

Welding Podcast

In keeping up with the current media landscape, the association has also introduced the CWBA Welding Podcast with Max Ceron to promote, educate, and engage people with influencers in the industry.

The relatively new term influencer marketing refers to a process of finding and engaging with individuals who influence a targeted segment of a specific social media channel. Once found, they are included as part of a campaign to reach that segment and engage with them.

The CWBA aims to use this fairly new concept to target a component of the market that mainly depends on social media platforms for its information and provide them with the knowledge needed to consider the trades as a sustainable and progressive career path. Ceron, a business owner, welding instructor, radio host, and all-around admirer of the trades for the past 30 years, will host the podcast and interview notable members of the industry.

The goals of the podcast are to engage and connect the welding industry, educate aspiring welders on the different career pathways into the trade, and provide a platform to have an open conversation about issues that affect the industry daily. Geared toward people of all ages who are curious about welding or want to learn more about their chosen career, this podcast appeals to a broad audience.

Ceron invites listeners to reach out, ask questions, submit requests for what they’d like to hear in the future, and volunteer to be participants. He believes that to serve the industry, we have to listen to what the industry needs. Communication in the industry is continually evolving, and there are many stories to be shared on a broader and more accessible platform.

The first podcast featured Kevin Roy, from JR’s Welding, who brings over 15 years of welding knowledge to the table. A passion for welding married to his talent as an artist has resulted in beautiful pieces that can be found on his Instagram page, where he has a large and loyal following.

“There’s a lot of pride in what welders do; [it’s] unique in that you have to use your hands, your mind, and think on your toes. And when you put out that work, it’s you and it’s your signature,” he said in the podcast. Chatting about his journey, he shared relatable and valuable insights on how he got to where he is, plus the hurdles that he faced along the way. Roy talked about his passion for the artistic side of welding; that’s where he’s found his niche, and he plans on continuing down this path in the future. His aptitude for art has helped him find his following in the community, and it’s what makes him happy and find balance.

Building Community

What the CWB Association hopes to accomplish with this podcast is to build a sense of community. It wants listeners to get to know the featured influencers better and be inspired by them to either consider a career in welding or find relatable content to help them in what they do in their jobs every day.