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The Cambridge laser beam welder who filmed ‘100 UFOs’ flying through the sky

A Cambridge laser beam welder claims he saw ‘100 UFOs’ flying through the sky as he de-iced his car before work.

Paul Fenwick, of Balsham, was readying his car at around 5.45am on Monday 2 December 2019, when he spotted some unusual activity in the sky.

Paul, who works for The Welding Institute (TWI) in Granta Park, Cambridge, says he’s not usually a believer in supernatural activity, but this might have changed his mind.

The 36-year-old was so shocked he decided to film what he saw, spending 20 minutes watching the lights before departing for work.

In the video, several lights can be seen moving quickly through the sky.

The lights appear to start in a random position then move in straight lines and stop suddenly.

In the bottom right corner of the video, there is a much brighter light that moves more erratically through the sky.

Paul said: “I was defrosting the car around 5.45am before my journey to work when I noticed a bright light travelling fast across the sky.

“The light was around aeroplane height but travelling fast. All of a sudden it disappeared. Minutes later another one appeared, following the exact same line as the previous one and disappeared in the same spot.After the second, more and more appeared, again following the same path as before at high speed. Then one by one they appeared from the same spot and travelled across the sky with precise distance between each one each time.”