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Rockford Public Library unveils virtual welding lab

People who are interested in welding can now get a hands-on experience.

The Rockford Public Library has a new virtual welding system that allows users to experience what it’s like to weld.

Users can get an idea of the many physical aspects of welding with the use of a model welding nozzle and virtual work piece.

The library hopes the new technology will improve the workforce in the Rockford area.

“If somebody is interested in learning about welding and they think that might be a career path they have an opportunity to try it,” Maker Lab Manager Anthony Cortez said. “No risk no anything they can just step right in come in to the library when the maker lab is open they have an opportunity to use this equipment and see how it is to weld.”

Anyone interested in trying the new virtual reality welding can stop by any time at the downtown library branch in the Maker Lab.