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North Carolina Man Creates Art Through Welding

We wrote, not that long ago, about Bob Dylan’s love of creating sculptures through welding.

Well, apparently, he’s not the only one!

In Hickory, North Carolina, Mark Looper has created a ‘masterpiece’. It’s hidden away, situated in the woods, in a quiet cul-de-sac.

Looper’s specially crafted metal handrail winds down the house’s hilly back garden and whilst it may not sound very special, when you read about its artistry; you may have to think again!

Whilst the handrail is extremely practical – it also is quite beautiful. There are trees which branch out from the rail itself; along with colourful leaves and little animals. All welded together to create one cohesive piece.

“I created this,” Looper said in amazement. “That’s the funnest part about this.”

Looper decided to turn the scrap metal he collected and his years of experience in the woods into artwork; he built his first project in his driveway (a metal gate resembling a tree), amongst many projects for others – as word quickly spread of his work!

Looper has more projects in the works, including wine racks and more metal.

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