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NASA Welds Together Frist Hydrogen Test Tank for America’s Moon/Mars Rocket

At the end of July, NASA finished welding together the very firsst fuel tank for America’s Space Launch System (SLS) deep space rocket at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, Louisiana. “We have just finished welding the first liquid hydrogen qualification tank article…and are in the middle of production welding of the first liquid hydrogen […]


Students Pay Tribute To Teacher

Ed Hue, 71, was a welder and a teacher – having tought at Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington for 29 years. Sadly, Ed passed away in July after a 13-month battle with multiple myeloma cancer. But because his students loved their teacher so much; they decided they would pay tribute to him by putting […]


Keyhole Plasma Welding

IMI {engineering and pneumatics industrial company} has developed its own plasma welding technique which allows for full penetration butt welding to occur in cases where the geometrics of the compornent make traditional welding techniques too difficult. The problem was first raised by a German customer of IMI when they were manufacturing crown wheels for marine […]