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A Welding Project to Mark Canada’s 150th Birthday

July 1st marks Canada’s 150th birthday. And at Outlook High School Trades Centre, a project to celebrate – whilst also giving back to the community – is well underway. Quintessentially Canadian, this celebration comes in the form of maple leaf ornaments. These 26 inch high, metal decorations have the number 150 in the centre and […]


76 Year Old Puts Welding Next On Her To Do List

76 year old Lesley Hall has a long list of to dos. These include learning to speak Spanish, photography, play the ukulele, make jewellery, cheese making all before tackling Microsoft Word. But, before all of those classes, she would like to learn how to weld. Lesley puts her thirst for learning down to her family […]


North Carolina Man Creates Art Through Welding

We wrote, not that long ago, about Bob Dylan’s love of creating sculptures through welding. Well, apparently, he’s not the only one! In Hickory, North Carolina, Mark Looper has created a ‘masterpiece’. It’s hidden away, situated in the woods, in a quiet cul-de-sac. Looper’s specially crafted metal handrail winds down the house’s hilly back garden […]


Bielomatik Debuts Laser-Based Infrared Welding

Germany-based Bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG believes the infrared welding is completely particle free and gives high weld strength. Structures which were formally unachievable with laser welding, such as assembly and inserted components or component geometries are now conceivable. Applications are in the automotive, appliance, sanitary, electrical and electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries. This […]


Welding 101

Welding is the joining together of metal parts by heating the surfaces to the point of melting with a blowpipe, electric arc or other means and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material that cools to become a strong joint and uniting them by pressing, hammering and other techniques. Welding is […]