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New Product Range – Gas welding and Cutting Equipment

Exciting news from ESAB – and us!

We are going to be stocking their latest gas welding and cutting equipment products.  These include:

Acetylene and Propane Cutters
ESAB Combination Spanners
ESAB Nozzle cleaner set
Elite 6 Welding and Cutting Blowpipe
Elite DH Welding and Cutting Blowpipe
Elite Multi Stage Regulators R-770 Series
Elite Single Stage Regulators R-720 Series
Flashback Arrestor FR1000
Flashback Arrestor FR2000
Flashback Arrestor FRT
Flashback Arrestor FT
Flashback Arrestor FTH
Oxy/Propane Trolley
SL2 Sparklighter pistol
SL3 Sparklighter cup
TR3 Trolley
Welding, Cutting and Process Hoses
Welding, Cutting and Process Nozzles

If you’d like more information – or you’d like to make a purchase – please don’t hesitate to contact us.