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New Jersey couple finds surprising success with custom welding business

Sparks fly between Joshua and Rachel Moschera both literally and figuratively. The couple owns and operates Moschera Metal Shop out of their home in Pemberton, N.J., where together they weld, cut, grind, design, and fabricate a variety of metal art sculptures and signs, complete custom TIG work, and take on whatever custom fab and welding job that might come their way.

Not only do they have fun doing it, they’ve found that spending time working together is quality time. And it all happened kind of by accident.

Joshua, 36, lives and breathes welding. He’s a full-time TIG welder for a biomedical research equipment company, but enjoyed doing custom jobs for others in his spare time. They started making a few metal art pieces just for fun, but they turned out so well that they garnered the attention of friends and acquaintances. People kept coming to him with special requests and he kept making items. That was 2012.

By early 2017, Rachel, a non-welder, quit her full-time job and learned how to weld, hand cut, and paint to be more of a hands-on contributor in their burgeoning business.

Aside from having very little free time, if any, the couple is, for the most part, stunned at how successful their small business has become. Their signature item—colorful pig sculptures made out of reclaimed metal—is so popular that they have a hard time keeping them in stock at the local farmer’s market where they’re sold.

Even with all the success they’ve had, both Joshua and Rachel remain grounded and humble and have maintained their wry sense of humor (see the profile picture for Moschera Metal Shop’s Instagram account, which features the two of them re-creating a welding version of the famous “American Gothic” painting).