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Montana High School Creates Art Using Welding Techniques

Students at Helena High School Welding Club in Montana, US are preparing for the 12th annual Helena High Metal Sculpting Show.

Each student comes up with a concept and puts it into practice using all the usual welding techiques, polishing metal with grinders, heating different parts with torches. Landon Rivers, President of the Helena High Welding Club, encourages students to think on their feet, “It’s no set in stone…you can change… If it does not work out, you can change it”. Very often, projects which develop are the most exciting!

Students are creating everything from a series of hearts made from horseshoes to hang in the garden using tempering for colour, to a lamp cut into the shape of Montana state using a laser.

Over 100 pieces of artwork will be displayed at this year’s show – and some of the pieces may even be available to purchase. Proceeds of the show will be reinvented and benefit the student-led Helena High Welding Club.