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How to Become a Welder

If planned carefully, welding is a rewarding career that offers many opportunities in different sectors. There are several steps that you should take to pursue a career as a welder and the type of welding you want to perform determines your course. You can get degree training or formal vocational training to acquire any of the two most common certification programs in the US. These include the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the American Welding Society (AWS).


To pursue a career in welding, you need a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll in your preferred program. High school education is vital since it provides essential learning skills like algebra and geometry that you can use to understand how materials stick together during welding. Other high schools offer welding courses to prepare the candidates for welding certification exams. Training and education are crucial if you want to excel in your welding course.

Certifications and Licensing

There are mainly two certification programs that include the American Welding Society and American Petroleum Institute. API is more advanced and primarily focuses on the petrochemical industry. If you are a newbie to welding, you can consider AWS. You may need a few weeks or years to obtain the welding certification that you dream of. If you do not possess formal education, you need work experience if you want to obtain certification in API.


An apprenticeship is a sure way to jumpstart your career in welding. Many companies offer on-the-job training where you can get hands-on experience and also earn some monetary stipends while you work under the supervision of veteran welders. You need to check the requirements for one to apply for an apprenticeship. You need to look for places like government websites and vocational schools to get places for apprenticeships. If there are local welding unions in your area, you can also stand better chances of getting an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships offer a lot of advantages since welding requires more practice than theory. On top of that, you earn money while you learn.

Welding is a process that involves joining metals and other materials to form different structures. There are mainly three types of welding as you have observed, and these are used for different purposes. If you want to be a welder, you should first choose the types of welding that you need to specialize in. High school education is critical since it provides you with the requisite knowledge that you may need to pursue your career in welding. There are different welding programs that you can consider if you want to obtain a professional qualification.