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Hartlepool Students Granted Access All Areas

Students from Hartlepool College of Further Education were granted behind the scenes access by firm Katmex in Stockton.

Ten BTEC Level 1 Fabrication and Welding students were allowed to observe members of staff undertaking their everyday tasks in the working plant.

They were also treated to a tour of the facilities, as well as a talk about how the business operated and which machinery is used. “Hopefully the students who visited Katmex will now have a better understanding of what goes on in a business of this nature, and that will help them as they continue to progress through their course” said Cliff Down, who led the student group tour.

Katmex has more 100 employees and provides the large steel parts to build heavy machinery, such as diggers and cranes. It has the capacity to process 2,500 tonnes of steel plates each month.

The tour was also led by Katmex managing director of ten years, David Mitchell, who said: “It is great to see the next generation of welders and fabricators coming to see what we are all about.

“They were all very keen and interested in what goes on at the plant, and we thoroughly enjoyed having them here.”

Last year, two students at the college – Anthony Smith and Scott Pearson – were crowned as the best technicians in the UK at a prestigious ceremony hosted by The Welding Institute at Cambridge University.

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