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Fort Campbell Welding Programme – First Women Graduates

After their military service was completed, Specialist Tanya Preddy and Sergeant Alyssa Tamayo had the opportunity to learn new skills – and now prepare for promising careers as well as making history in the welding industry.

Preddy and Tamayo became the first women to graduate Fort Campbell’s Veterans in Piping programme in Kentucky earlier in the Spring.

Preddy said: “I was pretty excited going into this, to be honest, because I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about making stuff with fire,” she joked. “That’s awesome to me. I’d never welded before this class, ever. I just thought it would be really cool and fun.”

“I think the guys were surprised to see us [in the classroom],” Tamayo added. “A lot of people think welding is just for men and with us being the first two females at Fort Campbell ever, in the back of my mind I was thinking ‘I have to beat everybody in here.’ I just felt like I had to be perfect.”