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Category: World Interest

Air Liquide revolutionises welding experience with new innovation

Developed in collaboration with more than 700 welding customers, the French corporation said Qlixbi will improve the way welders use and manage gases in their daily operation. Qlixbi will turn the act of welding into a user-friendly experience by making it easier, faster and safer, thanks to a mix of mechanical and digital innovations. These […]


Jeep Wrangler is the subject of a new investigation

The 2018-19 Jeep Wrangler is the subject of a new investigation, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed last week. Agency documents detailed the new investigation after its Office of Defects Investigation received 608 various complaints from owners. Combined with complaints received by Jeep’s parent automaker, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the document shows 3,566 owners filed […]


DuPage jail’s welding program yields first inmates graduating with ‘hope and purpose’

How often do you see a sheriff hugging jail inmates? It happened Wednesday at the DuPage County jail as Sheriff Jim Mendrick congratulated the first graduates of a new and innovative welding-training programme. “You guys are at the beginning part of greater things to come,” Mendrick told grads Ventrel Murphy and Raymond Andrews. “This is […]


Sigma Laser intros pulsed laser controller for laser deposition welding

The Super Pulse Technology (SPT) controller for pulsed laser systems ensures optimal control of heat input during laser cladding. The Super Pulse Technology (SPT) controller for pulsed laser systems from Sigma Laser (Oberursel, Germany) ensures optimal control of heat input during laser cladding, thereby increasing the quality of the weld seam and preventing cracking. SPT […]


Fixturing for robotic welding

Specifying and purchasing a robotic welding system can be challenging and requires predictions about future part volumes and types of jobs. A robotic system manufacturer and integrator, if you are working with one, will help you specify the best system for your application. However, how parts will be fixtured often is forgotten in this process. […]


SkillsUSA Welding Fabrication Competition Attracts Future Talent

Forklift manufacturer Raymond supports competition to help create “next generation of welding and manufacturing workers.” In an effort to find potential employees at every opportunity, many companies are taking active roles in competitions. One company, Raymond, a 95-year-old forklift manufacturer, recently hosted a welding fabrication competition at SkillsUSA conference that was held in Louisville, Kentucky. […]