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Breaking Traditions: Women in Welding

“According to the United States Department of Labor Women’s Bureau, the number of female welders in the U.S. has increased by over 2 percent over the past decade and the increase is expected to continue” {Advanced Career Institute website}.  Whilst this number may not seem to be a significant or marked augmentation, it is said that this slight rise indicates a trend of more women entering the welding profession.

However, women in welding is not a new phenomenon. Women began welding careers during World War II.  During the second World War, approximately 12 million women worked in defense industries and support services across the United States such as the aircraft industry {more than 310,000 women; Southwestern Illinois College website}, steel mills, foundries, warehouses and shipbuilding.  U.S. shipyards produced approximately 2,700 cargo ships over a four-year period {Welding Design and Fabrication website}.  This would certainly back the well-known notion that anyone, from any background can learn how to weld.

And, with the National Association of Manufacturers claiming an additional 14 million welders will be needed by 2020 {Advanced Career Institute websites}, we can expect to see an increase in the number of trainee welders. Hopefully, both male and female welders can look forward to a strong employed future!

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