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BrandSafway introduces BrandTech™ Precision Welding

Industrial Specialists, a BrandSafway company and a member of the American Welding Society, is introducing BrandTech™ Precision Welding, a modular-welding system with built-in technology, which allows for one or two welding guns to be used at the same time. Manufactured in the United States with USA-made parts, BrandTech Precision Welding uses a drawn arc welding process, a very stable form of welding that reduces filler material and shielded gas while producing a complete fusion in less time with fewer welding layers.

“The industry is booming, but a labor shortage has left our clients searching for new ways to increase productivity and get more done with fewer workers,” said Dave Witsken, president of the Energy & Industrial Division at BrandSafway. “With BrandTech Precision Welding, our clients can get the same amount of work done with two precision welders as they did with 16 standard welders without sacrificing quality.”

An average project with 20,000 welds typically takes 80, 12-hour shifts using two-welder stick welding, but the same project can be reduced to just eight, 12-hour shifts with two BrandTech welders, significantly reducing project timelines and costs. With five times the average pull ratio and better control, the average error rate is less than 0.5 percent.

BrandTech Precision Welding offers an easy-to-use touchpad control panel, which gives the operator full control to set all welding parameters and the ability to weld around or behind tubes and other obstructions without the risk of arcing. BrandTech also dramatically reduces hexavalent chromium emissions, which decreases exposure risk and creates a safer workplace. The simple set-up, rigging and operation reduces the amount of time—and number of welders—needed to complete a project.

“Increased speed can mean reduced quality and safety, but not with BrandTech,” said Eduardo Almeida, director of Technology for Industrial Specialists. “Our precision welder gives operators total control of welding variables, allowing them to weld onto existing thin plates and the ability to reach into tight and congested areas without damaging existing structures.”