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Audi’s Remote Welding Dramatically Lowers Costs

Audi’s remote laser welding process – which joins aluminium on its A8 series cars – reduces the cost of processing by 90%, compared to traditional methods.

Audi’s production facility in Neckarsulm in Germany manufactures Audi’s higher performace cars (including A8 and even R8 models) produces up to 190 vehicles every day.

Responsible for technology development for joining in light construction in the laser beam and sensors division at Audi, Dr Jan-Philipp Weberpals explained that the cost savings from the remote welding joining process comes from the speed. The beam is moved around using a scanning mirror, rather than shifting the entire processes head or workpiece from weld to weld. Another advantage is that filler material and inert gas is no longer produced.

Using traditional tactile welding, the process takes 24.79 seconds. Using the remove laser welding process, the process is just 11.56 seconds.

The amount of energy put into the part is also reduced, from 62 kJ/m to only 33 kJ/m.

This new laser process reduced time, energy and cost – what’s not to love!