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Another Discovery Channel Car Reality Show…

Building on last week’s ‘Lesson in Welding’ from Aaron from Discovery Channel’s Fast N’ Loud, another item has hit the news in the US and Canada…

Starting out working on modest heavy machinery and agricultural equipment projects for his company ‘Welder Up’, Steve Darnell only dreamed of how successful {and famous} he would become a decade later.

Now owning a shop of his own and onto a third season on Discovery Channel {building “rat rods” — cars that are cut, chopped and dropped to ultra-low ride heights with little chrome and lots of patina}, life is very different from his humble beginnings.

Moving his operation from Montana to Las Vegas, it was here that he was approached by a Canadian production company and a show called ‘Vegas Rat Rods’ was pitched to Discovery, which was later picked up on the Canadian network in 2014 an then released in the US.

Each episode follows the Welder Up crew as they complete projects. However, not all is as it seems! In order to receive funding in Canada, the production company must showcase a certain amount of Canadian content. This may seem a little odd when the show is based in Vegas and features a bloke from Montana! The solution was to hire a Canadian actress to follow while she embarks on semi-scripted side stories every week.

Having said that, the mechanics and cars are real and provide the main attraction – the team faces serious time-crunches and all fabrication work is completed in just a few weeks.

Check out episode one, series one here: