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ABICOR BINZEL to showcase Spool Welding Robot

ABICOR BINZEL has announced that it will participate in a live demo week for its Spool Welding Robot.

The live demo week will take place between the 1st-5th April in Houston, Texas.

The Spool Welding Robot is part of ABICOR BINZEL’s corporation with Novarc Technologies.

The Spool Welding Robot is a unique, collaborative robot that achieves four times increase in pipe welding production.

The robot takes up an extremely small footprint and provides unmatched monitoring via its one of a kind NovEye™ weld monitor camera and NovData™ production monitoring software.

The Spool Welding Robot combines the latest in welding technology with welder expertise, producing powerful results with weld seams in a safe and efficient manner.