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76 Year Old Puts Welding Next On Her To Do List

76 year old Lesley Hall has a long list of to dos. These include learning to speak Spanish, photography, play the ukulele, make jewellery, cheese making all before tackling Microsoft Word.

But, before all of those classes, she would like to learn how to weld.

Lesley puts her thirst for learning down to her family and upbringing: “My father was a journeyman, always working with his hands and I still have all of his tools in my garage,” she said. “Mum taught herself to sew and she made all of our clothes and in time I learnt to sew as well.”

But why welding?

“I used to watch my husband weld things together and I was always fascinated to see two bits of strong steel joined together. So using my creativity I now want to use it for making metal sculptures,” she said.

What’s on your to do list?!